What are the (Cannes) odds?

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Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, has installed (as of 8 May) the Turkish film Kis Uykusu (Winter Sleep) as its 5/1 favourite for the 2014 Palme D’O’r.

Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner is the shortest priced British film lying second in the betting at 7/1 ahead of other frontrunners such as Futatsume No Mado at 8/1 and Maps To The Stars at 9/1.

Palme D’Or Winner Odds
5/1     Kis Uykusu
7/1     Mr Turner
8/1     Futatsume no Mado
9/1     Maps To The Stars
10/1    Jimmy’s Hall
12/1    The Search
12/1    Leviathan
14/1    Deux Jours, Une Nuit
14/1    Adieu au Language
16/1    Foxcatcher
16/1    The Homesman
16/1    Sils Maria
16/1    Timbuktu
18/1    Mommy
20/1    Le Meravigle
25/1    The Captive
33/1    Saint Laurent
33/1    Relatos Salvajes